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With our abundant greenbelts, friendly neighborhood atmosphere and close proximity to amenities, many people consider Mutual One to be the best mutual in Leisure World. You can learn more and get involved in our community by attending board of directors, committee and shareholder meetings.

Bulletin Board
11/29/2018 – November Board Meeting Agenda
is month’s board meeting agenda is now available online.
10/25/2018 – October Meeting Agenda
This month’s board meeting agenda is now available online.
10/25/2018 – October Meeting Minutes
This month’s board meeting minutes is now available online.
09/17/2018 – Vehicles – Registering/Parking/Carports/Citations
Mutual 1 allows one vehicle per resident.  Click here for more information.
09/27/2018 – September Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The month’s board meeting minutes are now available online.
08/23/2018 – New Instructions for Repairs of Washers & Dryers
Click here to view information about washers & dryers.
08/23/2018 – No Wipes in the Pipes
Click here to view information about toilet stoppages.
08/23/2018 – August Meeting Agenda
This month’s board meeting agenda is now available online.
06/11/2018 – Organizational Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The minutes from this year’s annual meeting are now available.
06/11/2018 – Annual Meeting Agenda | Organizational Meeting Agenda
The agenda for this year’s annual meeting is now available online.
01/25/2018 – Updated Mutual Message from the President
Click here to here the message.
Featured news article – Foresight, solid reserves, strong leadership are recipes for success
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ProjectsYour Board of Directors are proud to be the First Mutual to complete the two (2) very costly projects: Roofs and Repipe (water into building)

The Board appreciates your patience while these very necessary repairs were being done, on our property. Just be Thankful that your Mutual started the Reserves about 10 years ago under the Presidency of David Julian. The fees collected allowed us to pay weekly and to complete both projects within 3 years.

  • Roofs – COMPLETED ✓
  • Repipe – COMPLETED ✓
  • Sewers 2018-2022

  • Laundry Rooms: Effective October, 2018.  All laundry machines will be leased from Wash Family Laundry. Washer cost reduced to $.75 per load. Dryer cost $.25 for 45 minutes. If repairs are needed a sticker is attached to each machine. You may call or for your convenience you can download an app called: Fix Laundry. Just enter machine # and problem…… quick and easy.
  • Parking: Mutual One Board recently approved Only one car per person. More than 15 shareholders have registered more than one car and a few shareholders have in excess of 5 – 7 cars. Unfortunately, we are not a storage facility, we are an active community. This policy will be in effect when you register or re-register your vehicle with Security. Does not apply to golf carts or bicycles.
  • Landscape: Our current Landscape Company has not served us well, therefore a new landscape company will be on board soon.
  • Pests: FENN is the exterminator that we use. You can request Monday or Wednesday service. Call the Hotline 562-804-8718 and just state your unit # and the day you wish. Remember you must be home to have service inside your unit. Also Fenn requests what you are having sprayed for: ants, cockroaches, etc. They can spray outside without you being there.