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With our abundant greenbelts, friendly neighborhood atmosphere and close proximity to amenities, many people consider Mutual One to be the best mutual in Leisure World. You can learn more and get involved in our community by attending board of directors, committee and shareholder meetings.

Bulletin Board
02/23/2017 –  February Meeting Agenda
This month’s board meeting agenda is now available online.
01/26/2017 – January Meeting Minutes
The month’s board meeting minutes are now available online.
07/13/2016 – Annual Meeting Minutes
This year’s annual board meeting minutes are now online. Click here for the director reports.
Projects: Mutual One is very proud to have completed our roofs and started our Repiping. The Mutual Board appreciates your patience during these necessary improvements. Be thankful your mutual had the funds to complete these costly project.

  • Roofs have been completed. This 2 year project started in April 2014 and ended June 2016. They removed most of the dry rot & replaced with new treated wood. New gutters and down spouts were also installed. Roofing Standards and their employees worked efficiently. We are very thankful for this job that they completed on schedule.
  • Re-piping started August, 2015 and should be completed by March 2017. During this period we are also abating the asbestos and replacing many water heaters. The Board has received many compliments for John Nelson & his crew.
  • Sewers. The Board reviewed a video at our August, 2016 meeting, presented by Mark Weaver, Facilities Director. We are considering this new procedure of relining the sewers. This will be less disruptive for you the shareholder. This may be scheduled to start in 2017. Could be a 3 year project.

  • Laundry Room fees may increase in Jan 2017. Too many repairs to our machines caused by placing wrong items, such as: hand washed items directly in dryers, heavy rugs, oil stained clothes & blankets in both washers and dryers. In addition selecting the highest temperature for dryers for over 60 minutes, is causing burn out of the motors. Treat the machines like you would your own.
  • Assessments will be increased approx. $10 in January 2017. The Budget committee worked very hard to keep fees low. Remember we did not have a raise for the past 3 years.
  • Parking is a huge issue. Only cars with Leisure World stickers can park in our carport. Space is very limited. Soon, anyone with more than two cars may be assessed accordingly. Also cars without Leisure World, Mutual One, sticker may not be able to park overnight on trust streets.
  • Landscape: The Board has approved Andre’s Landscaping to scrape & reseed our lawns.  They have already started preparing.  The water will be shut off…  For a number of weeks the lawns will be cut down, lower and lower.  Then large machines will come through and scrape the dead grass & weeds away.  Then the seeding will begin.  During this 2 month period- there will be dust, there will be noise it will be a mess.  Please close your windows and doors.  DO NOT WATER.  The watering of your plants will create mud.  That mud will be tracked into your patio and home.  Please have patience and DO NOT WATER.  Soon you will be proud of the results.
  • Pests Control: Fenn sprays our laundry rooms every 3 months to keep bugs from spreading to our units. Remember if you need service inside your unit, call the Hotline by Monday. The list is created on Tues for Fenn for service on Wednesday. You can request am or pm- however it depends on their schedule.
  • Electrical Outages: Please be prepared with lanterns, flashlights and batteries, as these outages can occur at the most inconvenient times.
  • Sidewalk lamp post: We are considering a new light fixture, as many of you have requested to dim those bright bulbs. These should be installed by January.